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Six teams will play their last game of the regular season this coming weekend – five will play a single game, while Windsor Stars will take a weekend swing into Toronto for a game against Serbian White Eagles Friday night and their regular season finale against Astros Vasas FC on Sunday.

This weekend closes the First Division season in time for the beginning of the CSL Championship Playoffs during Thanksgiving Weekend, October 11 – 14.

Oddly, the two games played by Windsor are against the two candidates bidding for the last playoff berth of eight. Serbian White Eagles have a point edge over Astros Vasas, so an outright win by Serbian Eagles on Friday puts them in the playoffs. Astros Vasas must win to have any chance at all and even that would depend on the outcome of the Serbian Eagles game.

Games played by York Region Shooters and Toronto Croatia will decide which is second and which is third in the standings.

And while all of this is going on, Kingston FC will visit Maple, just north of Toronto Sunday evening for a clash with York Regions Shooters, but in the knowledge that whatever the outcome, the First Division title is theirs.

Upcoming games:

Fri, Oct 4 Esther Shiner Stadium 9 PM Serbian White Eagles vs Windsor Stars
(Ref: Michael Bradley, Assist: Hassane Rifai,Ljubisa Vrljes, 4th Manuel Orellana)
Sat, Oct 5 Centennial Stadium 7 PM Toronto Croatia vs Brampton City Utd
(Ref: Justin Tasev, Assist: Scott Milliquet, Alex Themistocleous 4th Blake Williams)
Sun, Oct 6 Esther Shiner Stadium 3:30 PM Astros Vasas FC vs Windsor Stars
(Ref: Justin Tasev, Assist: David Di Pasquale, Sharon Welsby, 4th Ramee Arbaji)
Sun, Oct 6 St. Joan of Arc 6:30 PM York Region Shooters vs Kingston FC
(Ref: David Barrie, Assist: Ljubisa Vrljes, Michael Izzo, 4th Manuel Orellana)

Sun, Oct 6 St. Joan of Arc 4 PM York Region Shooters B vs Kingston FC B

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